Welcome to the website of the members of the Clarksville Church of Christ. We are a group of christians committed to reproducing first century christianity in the 21st century! We invite your participation as we focus on implementing our theme for 2019, "Launching Out Into the Deep", based on Luke 5:1-11.

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Join us for our Spring Gospel Meeting with Larry Ping II of Melbourne, Fl. The theme will be "Launching Out into the Deep," based on Luke 5:4. The lesson schedule will be:

Sunday 9:30 AM: The Gospel is for All

Sunday 10:30 AM: Walking by Sight

Sunday 6 PM: The Battle of Mt. Carmel

Monday 7:30 PM: Launch Out into the Deep

Tuesday 7:30PM: I Know Not the Lord

Wednesday 7:30 PM: Bible Conversion

Please plan to join with us in these services as we study His Word together!

New Adult Bible Class: "Ecclesiastes"

The the adult class, under the direction of Brian Anderson and Mark Maudlin will begin a study of the book of Ecclesiastes on Sunday, May 26. We invite you to come and participate in this class. Study outline will be provided. The class will meet during regular bible study periods on Sunday mornings at 9:30 and Wednesday evenings at 7:30. Please come join us!

5 Day Bible Reading Plan for 2019

Ever thought about reading the entire Bible from Genesis through Revelation over the course of the year? Copies of the 5 Day Bible Reading Plan are now available in the foyer for our members and guests. This easy to follow guide allows you to read the enire Bible in a year, reading 5 days/week. Perhaps you only want to read the New Testament?  No problem:  the guide provides a schedule for that reading as well. 

Daily scripture reading will bring joy, comfort and confidence to your life. Give it a try! Psalm 119:105 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

“Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up.”(Daily Reading, ESV)